Your Digital Media Production Specialists

At Wright Productions we believe that there is power in a well-designed video message.  We believe that a video can be your most highly effective tool for generating sales and attracting clients.

Video multiplies your selling power and increases the number of prospects you can reach.  By producing a video and placing it on your website, every potential client has the opportunity with a keystroke to see a personal and compelling sales presentation.

A well made video grabs a potential clients attention; it engages the viewer using sights, sounds, action and drama. 

You can also effectively demonstrate, educate and motivate using video.  Show your product in the best possible light.  A video is worth a thousand words, making complicated or difficult to explain products sell more easily with video demonstrations.

Give your product or service credibility with testimonials from satisfied customers.

Video is affordable and can be a perfect sales tool.  Once you have produced a video it can be multi-purposed by mailing a DVD or flash drive, it can be placed on cable television, the internet, your company web-site, Google, YouTube or you can e-mail it to potential clients.

Ultimately the benefits of a video radically outweigh the costs, increasing sales exponentially.  We would like to help you get started. Creating high impact marketing videos is one of our specialties.